Youtube Entrepreneurs

Millenials often get a lot of bad press due to their spending habits. Studies have shown that more and more young people are living at home, due to the financial difficulties that young people face.

However, this certainly isn’t true with the YouTube stars of today who have turned a hobby into a fortune. Starting with only a 100 or so subscribers, they have a built their business portfolios to be worth millions.

Every 100 views on Youtube can bring in anywhere between $0.50 and $10 in advertising revenue, depending if the content creator is part of the Youtube Partner Programme. However, once a Youtuber gains a substantial following, they often supplement their income in other ways.

Merchandise stores often sell clothing and books emblazoned with catchphrases and Youtuber logos. Many online influencers also partner with external businesses to create limited edition products, tailormade by the Youtuber, such as headphones and fashion lines.

YoutubeYoutube Entrepreuners? by Moneypod.

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