How to Overcome Workplace Shyness

Shyness isn’t an out-of-the-ordinary personality trait. But shyness can be difficult for a person depending on their work situation.

For example, shyness can grip people in meetings, restricting their ability to make a point or to even speak at all. It can cause unwelcome embarrassment or even manifest itself in physical ways—shaking voice, excessive sweating. All of that may mean that your true strengths are not allowed to shine in the workplace, or that people underestimate your talents.

But there are ways to help yourself compensate for shyness. Focusing on others may take off some of the internal pressure, for example. Preparation is good; negative self-talk is not. Even a little socializing or a lot of deep breathing techniques can help you forge a path that balances your shyness with workplace needs. There are also things that an employer can do to make shy employees more comfortable—soliciting input and respecting boundaries, to name two.

Use this graphic to help both levels of a company understand and accommodate shyness in the workplace.

How to overcome workplace shynessInfographic by Quill.

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