Become a Regional Coordinator

What’s in it for you?

Having the role of Regional Coordinator is a great opportunity for you to gain valuable experience and exposure. It will sharpen your interpersonal and organizational skills and lead you to making many new contacts. Not to mention it will look great on your CV! It will showcase your strengths, your sense of responsibility, and your willingness to take part in an interesting initiative. There is a lot to gain, while having loads of fun meeting new people of common Polish heritage.

What is a regional coordinator?

A Regional Coordinator will have the key role of communication and information relay between the delegates and the Recruitment Directors of the Quo Vadis V Montreal “Connecting Cultures” Conference. Furthermore, their main goal is to promote the conference in their local community and to encourage all youth (students, young professionals, etc.), from their respective region, to attend the conference. In addition, we encourage our Coordinators to work together with potential delegates from their own regions to fundraise and decrease conference costs for their delegation.