The Fortunes of Video Game Moguls

The video game industry has become a media juggernaut with budgets rivalling to Hollywood blockbusters being put into highly anticipated releases and new ways to play.

Engaging with video games isn’t just a case of simply picking up a controller, you can now watch players show off their talent and even contribute to their channels – paying them to build their brand as an online personality.

For this we must thank those who made gaming more accessible and affordable, as well as the entrepreneurs who made it possible to make money live streaming.

Gaming has become a way of life for many people and the visionaries who laid the groundwork have become very wealthy in the process. Love them or loath them, their success is undeniable.

Check out the infographic below, courtesy of commercial finance specialists ABC Finance Ltd, to find out more about five of the most prolific video game moguls.

Video Game Moguls
Video Game Moguls by ABC FINANCE LTD.

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