Why Canada is the Latest Hot Spot for Startups

Think of the top start-up friendly places, and your mind probably drifts south of the border—say to Silicon Valley in California, or even the booming metropolis of New York City. But you’d be wise to turn your gaze north—to Canada, that is.

There are a number of reasons why Canada is flourishing in its ability to attract savvy, motivated entrepreneurs and inventors. The maverick moves necessary for getting a new company off the ground match well with the low cost of doing business in Canada. Canada is competitive and growing, with a generally healthy economic market that translates well for all types of businesses—hardware, software, and more.

In addition, the Canadian government has generally been receptive to helping nurture the startup-minded culture, particularly in areas already primed to growth. Those include Waterloo, an area outside Toronto, which has a dense population of startups already.

Of course there are other factors at play—universities, entrepreneurs, government-focused programs—as well as a wealth of talent that new and existing companies can draw on. Take a look at this engaging infographic for more details on how Canada is one of the globe’s newest hot spots for startups.

Why Canada is the Latest Hot Spot for Startups

Via Salesforce.

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