5 Reasons Why Millennials Find Temporary Work Satisfying

Temporary work has often gotten a bad rap. But there’s an intriguing development between temporary and millennials that’s the result of their specific strengths and the economy’s limitations.

Millennials—or anyone born after 1980—are constrained by a changing workplace that has made finding a secure work position more difficult. As a result they’re pushing around the timeline that’s long been followed by other generations—marrying later, living with their parents longer, buying a house years after others. They’re also burdened by loans for higher education that others might not have had.

Temporary or flexible work, for all its insecurities, offers something else: a chance to try to better find that elusive work-life balance, to have more time at their disposal. The pursuit of different goals doesn’t mean they don’t have hope for the future. It means they have hope for a different type of future.

To learn more about millennials and their interest in temporary work, use this graphic.

5 Reasons Why Millennials Find Temporary Work SatisfyingVia AkkenCloud.

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